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Major update: Update offers stunning calendar view

4th July 2016 | Alex K
New calendar view

We have unveiled another major update to Ganttology. The centrepiece of this release is our new calendar view. In addition to viewing your project data as a Gantt chart or Kanban board, you can now display your project's tasks on a monthly calendar (see example here).

We of course are not the first to provide a monthly view of projects but our calendar boasts some innovative features that we have not seen in other software. Chief among these is the integration of a timeline into the calendar, allowing users to easily jump to any point in a project's lifetime without having to click on the next or previous month-buttons multiple times. This makes navigating your project much easier.

We have also tried to woo users with some beautiful subtle animated transitions between months. Needless to say, the calendar seamlessly expands and contracts to fit the size of your browser window. You can even print out the calendar to provide your boss or team with a slick-looking update on the project schedule.

We really hope you enjoy and find useful the new calendar view. If you do, you will be pleased to hear about another new feature that comes as part of this release. Users can now decide which view their Ganttology project should default to. If you prefer using the Kanban or calendar views, rather than the Gantt chart view, you can make it your default view via the new option in the Advanced Settings panel. The shared version of the project will also default to this view, meaning you can now embed Kanban boards and calendars - in addition to just Gantt charts - on your website or intranet.

Finally, we have made it easier for users of the Kanban and calendar views to access key project settings. Simply click on the Settings tab at the right of the screen, and you will be presented with a new panel allowing you to change the theme of your project, set whether your project can be shared or password protected etc.

We hope you have fun using these new features. If you have any questions or feedback about this release, you can contact us at

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