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Major update: Update offers stunning calendar view

4th July 2016 | Alex K

We have unveiled another major update to Ganttology. The centrepiece of this release is our new calendar view. In addition to viewing your project data as a Gantt chart or Kanban board, you can now display your project's tasks on a monthly calendar.

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New feature: Interactive Kanban Board

21st January 2016 | Alex K

Ganttology now offers a Kanban Board view of projects, following a major new update. Kanban Boards are ideal for projects where tasks go through a series of steps. This makes them perfect for managing software projects and production processes.

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New feature: Dependencies

28th April 2015 | Alex K

We are thrilled to announce that Ganttology now supports dependencies. Dependencies are incredibly useful when rescheduling tasks in complex projects. They allow dependent tasks to be automatically rescheduled when the task on which they are dependent is itself rescheduled.

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New feature: Change day start and end times

23rd July 2014 | Alex K

As part of a major upgrade, Ganttology now allows users to set the start and end times for a day. Watch the video tutorial in this blog post.

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New feature: Gantt chart background image

22nd July 2014 | Alex K

We have added another major new feature that we hope will make our (your!) gantt charts stand out from the crowd: the ability to choose a background image.

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Ganttology News: Major new update released

21st July 2014 | Alex K

We have just released a major new update to Ganttology, our web-based software for creating gantt charts. The update provides two major new features, improvements to existing features and numerous bug fixes.

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Video tutorial: Getting started with Ganttology

18th June 2014 | Alex K

We have published a Getting started video for Ganttology to guide new users through the basics of creating gantt charts using our application.

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New feature: Hide weekends on your gantt chart

16th June 2014 | Alex K

We said in our previous blog post that we would not be taking it easy now that we had made Ganttology available to the public. Well, you have not had to wait long for the first new features to appear. We are proud to announce the ability to hide and show weekends.

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Ganttology News: Ganttology is now ready to use

11th June 2014 | Alex K

After more than a year in development, Ganttology - our new interactive gantt chart maker - is now open to the public to use. Ganttology can be used to create stunning interactive gantt charts that you can share on the web.

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