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New feature: Interactive Kanban Board

21st January 2016 | Alex K

Ganttology now offers a Kanban Board view of projects, following a major new update - you can see how it works by viewing the video above. Kanban Boards are ideal for projects where tasks go through a series of steps. This makes them perfect for managing software projects and production processes.

Kanban Boards have become very popular in recent years, and many project management products now include a Kanban view. Where Ganttology's Kanban Board stands out from others is in its tight integration with the Gantt chart view. Any changes you make to tasks in the Kanban view are instantly synced with the Gantt Chart, and vice versa.

It is entirely possible to manage a project entirely using the Kanban view, and at any point be able to view a Gantt Chart of the project's progress without having to do any extra work yourself. The Gantt Chart is automatically generated from the actions you take in the Kanban view.

We don't believe any other project management software offers such close integration between a Gantt Chart and a Kanban Board.

Even without the close integration with Gantt Charts, Ganttology's Kanban view would be worthy of attention. For a start, it is very easy to use. Moving tasks from one column to another or rearranging the order of columns can be achieved simply by dragging and dropping. Tasks can be edited by clicking on them, and other options - such as assigning tasks to people or color-coding a task - can be achieved at the click of a button, or by using a keyboard shortcut.

Ganttology's Kanban view also offers powerful rules-based functionality that determines what happens to a task when it is added to a column. For example, the task's progress can be updated to a predetermined percentage when moved into a column, or a task's start or end date can be set to the current day when it is dragged to a column.

This is our first iteration of a Kanban Board, and we hope to release improvements to it over coming months, such as allowing you to filter tasks and making your project default to the Kanban view, rather than the Gantt Chart. We really hope you like the new Kanban view, and would love to hear how you are using it.

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