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New feature: Hide weekends on your gantt chart

16th June 2014 | Alex K

We said in our previous blog post that we would not be taking it easy now that we had made Ganttology available to the public. We promised we would work hard to improve our gantt chart software and add much-need new features.

Well, you have not had to wait long for the first new features to appear. Less than a week later, we are proud to announce the release of two key new features. The biggest is the ability to hide and show weekends on your gantt chart. You can toggle the display of weekends from the Settings panel. The above video provides a quick tutorial on how you can do this.

You may be interested to know that hiding/showing weekends does not just change the chart visually. All the stats that are displayed about events and people are also updated to take account of or discount weekends. We even have a mode that allows you to show weekends and at the same time discount them from your stats.

We believe the ability to hide weekends will make our software much more useful for project managing commercial projects, where the vast majority of work is undertaken during the working week. But you can still have the ability to schedule work at the weekends if you wish.

In addition to being able to toggle weekends on or off, you can now decide to show or hide the vertical bar that denotes the current date and time. Previously, this was always visible. Now, it is hidden by default and you can hide or show it via the 'Now marker' option in the Settings tab.

Why did we make this change? Well, we're always trying to make our gantt chart maker better and while undertaking user testing, we found that the Now marker often got in the way of viewing information about tasks. Rather than removing it completely - which we considered - we decided to allow the user to choose whether they want it showing or not.

We hope you like these two new features. We're planning to add many more improvements to Ganttology over coming weeks and months. So please check back here regularly for updates.

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