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Ganttology News: Ganttology is now ready to use

11th June 2014 | Alex K

After more than a year in development, Ganttology - our new interactive gantt chart maker - is now open to the public to use.

This is not - we hasten to add - the official launch of the product. Our plan over the next few months is to work with users to refine and improve our product. Once Ganttology is in a position where it can stand proud alongside any of its competitors, we will officially launch it.

Even then, the work won't stop. We have some highly ambitious ideas for Ganttology that we believe will set our software apart from its peers. We want to give users multiple ways of viewing their projects, from the standard gantt view to more novel visualisations, such as a Kanban view. We also have a stunning 3d project visualisation in the works.

But before we start on these ambitious features, we need to get the basics right. Ganttology - as of the time of writing - already packs some advanced features that other gantt chart creators lack - hour by hour granularity and the ability to assign multiple people to a single task, for example. The gantt charts created using our software are also highly customisable and interactive, and can easily be shared with your team or client.

However, ganttology is also missing some important project management tools, such as dependancies and collaboration. Our main focus at present is therefore to provide these missing features. Over the next few weeks and months, we intend to roll out the following features:

1. The ability to hide weekends

2. The ability to set the start and length of a day (ie 9am to 5pm)

3. Dependancies (end to start, end to end etc)

4. Better management/collaboration of people on a project

When we release one of these features, we intend to publish a post on this blog, and also a tutorial video explaining how to use the new feature. So please check back here, for news on the latest updates to Ganttology.

If the thought of seeing a new application evolve into something brilliant excites you, then please sign up with Ganttology and start using it to create beautiful interactive gantt charts that you can share on the web. We'd love it if you were to offer us feedback on your experience.

As well as checking back on this blog, you may also be interested in following us on Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus. You can also find some useful info on getting started with Ganttology on our FAQs page.

If you have any questions about our software, please email us at

Thanks for reading!