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New feature: Gantt chart background image

22nd July 2014 | Alex K

Our mission here at Ganttology is to turn gantt charts into something beautiful that project managers want to show everyone. Let's be honest, the gantt charts available with most project management software are pretty ugly - you might share them with your boss and team but you wouldn't want anyone else seeing them. In truth, you're probably a bit embarrassed about how geeky and unattractive your charts appear.

We don't want gantt charts to be like that. We want them to be beautiful and as a consequence we are constantly looking at ways of making our gantt charts really shine. Already we have provided two beautifully-designed themes for you to choose from (see the View Settings panel). Our users can also choose between a handful of hand-picked color schemes for coloring their tasks, groups and milestones.

Now, we have added another major new feature that we hope will make our (your!) gantt charts stand out from the crowd. This is the ability to choose a background image for your gantt chart. You can do this from the Advanced Settings panel (accessible from the View Settings panel). Simply enter the web address of the image, and then adjust the opacity slider to meet your needs. The video embedded above provides a quick tutorial, for the more visually minded.

We hope you like this new feature! We're planning plenty of other new features over coming weeks and months, so check back here often to find out about them.

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