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Ganttology News: Major new update released

21st July 2014 | Alex K

We have just released a major new update to Ganttology, our web-based software for creating gantt charts. The update provides two major new features, improvements to existing features and numerous bug fixes. We hope that the changes will improve still further your experience of using Ganttology.

The biggest change is that users can now set the start and end times for a day. Previously, a day started at 00:00 and finished at 24:00. This was of course not suitable for most projects where the working day runs for a much shorter period.

You can set the start and end times for a day from the Advanced Settings panel, which is accessible from the 'Chart Settings' or 'View Settings' panels. The Advanced Settings panel is also the place to find our second major new upgrade: the ability to add a background image to your gantt chart.

We believe that a background image can really make your gantt chart shine. Just enter the url of an image on the web and it will appear as the background for your chart. You can then change the opacity of the image using the slider, to ensure that it works well with your chart.

We will be publishing video tutorials on both these new features over coming days.

We should also mention that we have also added a few extra options to Ganttology's 'Snap to' functionality. You can now make your chart's tasks, milestones and groups snap to periods as short as 30 and 15 minutes. You can access the snap-to options from the 'Chart Settings' panel.

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