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New feature: Dependencies

28th April 2015 | Alex K

We are thrilled to announce that Ganttology now supports dependencies. Dependencies are incredibly useful when rescheduling tasks in complex projects. They allow dependent tasks to be automatically rescheduled when the task on which they are dependent is itself rescheduled.

We at Ganttology like to do things a bit differently than other gantt chart software. So our dependencies can have negative as well as positive offsets - you can make a dependent task start before its parent task has finished, if you want.

We of course also support the more common positive offsets where the dependent task starts after the parent task. You can set the offset to whatever you want - multiple days, weeks, months etc - by repositioning the dependent item (see the above video).

Most radically, our dependencies work seamlessly with groups, allowing you to incorporate new types of dependency logic in your charts.

Needless to say, we have made it as easy as possible to add dependencies. When you hover over a task, you will now see a circular dependency icon. Simply drag this to another task to make a dependency connection.

You can delete dependencies by hovering over a task and selecting the dependency option, either by clicking on the menu option or using the 'p' keyboard shortcut. Then, choose the dependency you want to delete from the drop down menu.

We hope you like our new dependencies feature! Don't forget to check out our dependency tutorial video above.

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