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Video tutorial: Getting started with Ganttology

18th June 2014 | Alex K

We like to think that we have made our gantt chart creator Ganttology as easy to use as possible. When designing the app's user interface, we've tried to look at things from the perspective of someone who is not that tech-savvy and who has not come across our software or gantt charts before.

This has - on occasion - led us to redesign parts of the user flow to make it easier to understand, more consistent and more intuitive. Despite such efforts, it is inevitable that some people will struggle to use our software initially. Even the best-designed software can be intimidating to beginners, and gantt chart software can be particularly complicated.

That is why we believe that the design of the app is just one aspect of usability. Providing tutorials and FAQs pages, and first-rate customer support - so users are not left waiting for hours when they have problems - are also important ingredients in creating an easy-to-use app.

With this in mind, we have published a Getting started video for Ganttology which we have embedded above. The video guides new users through the basics of creating gantt charts using our application. Topics include: creating your first project; adding tasks, groups and milestones to your chart; color coding your tasks; assigning people to tasks; and customising the look of your gantt chart.

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